Working Papers

Young African Researchers in Agriculture (YARA) Working Paper Series

Jabik, B. B. (2021). Relevant Local Climatic Knowledge for Sustainable Agro-Ecological Practices by Small-Scale Farmers in Northern Ghana

Chipenda, C. (2021). Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges of the ‘New Generation’ in Post-Land Reform Zimbabwe

Phiri, D. (2021). A Legal Analysis of Disjunctions Between Statutory and Customary Land Tenure Regimes in Zambia

Serwajja, E. (2021). Victims of their Bodies: Capitalism and Exploitation of Women’s Labour on Floricultural Farms in Uganda

Adomaa, F.O. (2021). Tenure Security and Incomes for Cocoa Farmers: A Political Economy Inquiry of Cocoa Swollen Shoot Viral Disease Eradication Programme in Ghana

Massay, G.E. (2021). Redistribution of State Farmlands in Tanzania: Why and in Whose Interests?

Busingye, J.D. (2021). Resilience of Subsistence Farming Systems to Food Insecurity in Uganda

Bruna, N. (2021). From a Threat to an Opportunity: Climate Change as the New Frontier of Accumulation

Tchatchoua-Djomo, R. (2021). Shifting Land Tenure, Dispute Resolution, Rural Migration and Legal Pluralism in Cameroon

Uwayezu, E., and Bayisenge, F. (2021).  Trends of Land Tenure Security from Rules and Processes of Urban Development: A Probe in the Fringes of Kigali City, Rwanda

Fantahun, S. (2021). Household Climate Change Perception and Adaptation Strategies Insight from Raya Azobo District, Southern Tigray Region, Ethiopia

COVID PAPERS: Young African Researchers in Agriculture (YARA) Working Paper Series

Rusere, C. (2021). Impact of Covid-19 on Vegetable Production and Marketing in Zimbabwe: Challenges and Opportunities

Chipenda, C. (2021). Peasant production and livelihoods in times of crisis: An exploration of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on peasants in rural Zimbabwe

Gaveta, E. (2021). Organizing Farmers for Sustainable Food Production while Dealing with COVID-19

Ferreira, V.A.D.S. (2021). The Impacts of School Closures on Small Family Farmers due to Covid-19 in Cabo Verde

Gillo, M.L. (2021) Covid-19 Pandemic and Rural Livelihoods in the Western Region of Cameroon

Ifejirika Chika Agnes. (2021). Food Price Changes and Consumption Adaptation Models in Enugu State, Nigeria Amidst Covid-19Pandemic Shocks

Nhodo, L. (2021). Small holder farmers, (I)mobility and resilience underCovid-19 in Zimbabwe: Experiences from Nemamwa rural communities and Masvingo rural district

Mgalamadzi, L.M. (2021) Interrogating the Social Dynamics of COVID-19 and Impacts on Food Systems in Malawi

Tine, M. (2021). The impact of Covid-19 on market gardeners in the Niayes area in terms of market restrictions: the case of the Municipality of Darou Khoudoss

Tekwa, N. (2021). COVID-19 and Gender in the Sugar Industry: A Case Study of Small-Scale Sugar Producers in Chiredzi, Zimbabwe

Nalwimba, N. (2021). Inside Zambia’s ‘New Normal’: Agrarian Transformation Amidst Crises?

Sarku, R. (2021). Crisis in the food system in Africa: COVID-19 crisis, emerging challenges and decision-making of actors in the peasant vegetable production sector in Ghana

Naiga, R. (2021). Implications of COVID-19 on Food Security and Gender Relations: Perspectives from Uganda

Olowogbon, T.S. (2021). Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Food Production Systems in Rural Nigeria